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how to set timing chain for a chevy malibu 1999

how to line up the marks on the timimg chain

AMY, You FAILED to post an


You FAILED to post an “Engine Size”

4 cylinder 2.4
6 cylinder 3.1
6 cylinder 3.5 (Non- US)

Assuming you have the 3.1

Assuming you have the 3.1 liter V-6 (the most popular engine for that vehicle)

Turn the camshaft so that the timing mark on its gear is pointing straight down toward the crankshaft gear.

Turn the crankshaft so that the timing mark on its gear is pointed straight up to the timing mark on the camshaft gear.

(the timing marks on these gears should point to each other[align with each other])

check it out at this website:


sorry about the multiple

sorry about the multiple posts...don't know how that happened. Tried to remove two of them but couldn't figure out how.


On your car the timing chain has a chain guide/tensioner (a "V" shaped wedge [for lack of a better word]which bolts to the front of the block between the camshaft and crankshaft. it keeps the chain from quiet and tight.) Replace that guide/tensioner when you replace the chain and gears.

Amy, Bfree is right in sayin


Bfree is right in sayin that the 3.1 liter was the most popular engine in a 99 Malibu. Thing is there are ENOUGH of 2.4 liter engines out there as well. If your workin on a 2.4, use the link below.

check out my post

check out my post (above)again the bottom line says that the link has info for both the 3.1L and the 2.4L.

Amy, Bfree is right about the


Bfree is right about the link he posted. It does include the 2.4. The reason I posted the link I did, is because I don't know your level of skill. At that point I felt, that if you had TWO SOURCES of information (to choose from) you might find one (or the other) easier to follow.

As our resident expert would

As our resident expert would ask---------Can't believe he missed this question of you.

Just be sure that you (or someone else) haven’t MISDIAGNOSED your PROBLEM. The misdiagnosis of problems in the business of auto mechanics and repair is becoming increasing worse at an alarming rate. The end result is that the consumer (you) ends up wasting his time and money on PARTS that NEVER needed REPLACING in the FIRST PLACE. With the above being said BEFORE you REPLACE the "TIMING CHAIN", TELL US EXACTLY what the problem is and HOW you DETERMINED that REPLACING the “TIMING CHIAN” WILL RESOLVE your ISSUE???




I did miss posting that question for you. Just so you KNOW AND UNDERSTAND, the question way2old posted is MY FIRST AND TYPICAL (answer/response) to your particular type of issue!!!


Amy are you doing this your

Amy are you doing this your self? if so, that's impressive. Ny the way the 3.1L is easier than the 2.4L. however, if you need any additional assistance (regardless of the engine) let us know.

Hi Amy how are you? This

Hi Amy how are you?

This forum has quite a few readers. By readers I mean individuals who are not a contributing mechanics. Instead, these are just people who come to the forum, log on, and just sit here and read our answers in the hopes of learning something. The problem is this forum also attracts A GREAT NUMBER OF Auto Mechanic Wanna Be’s and Self Made ASE Master Mechanics. Mentioning the names of these individuals is not necessary, because they already know who they are. Furthermore these individuals REALLY SHOULD BE “Ashamed” of themselves for taking advantage of and using THIS GREAT FORUM for their own personal gain. The forum administration is AWARE OF THE ABUSE, and they are working on trying to put an end to the issue. The problem is that this is a free forum so any loser can post here. Ok enough of that. More than enough information has been posted already for you to resolve your issue. The problem is you are not posting back any feedback. Go back to where you posted your original question and take a look at all the unanswered questions. KNOW AND UNDERSTAND that questions must be asked, and you must ANSWER THEM, because we DO NOT have your vehicle in FRONT OF US TO RUN ANY TESTS ON. You must be our hands and eyes here. In other words we need your feedback, and that feedback, MUST COME IN THE FORM OF ANSWERS TO ALL THE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!!

keep us posted.

keep us posted.